Relax Kids Sussex

Supporting children's mental health and wellbeing

What is Relax Kids?

Relax Kids classes help light up children from inside – where they can recognise their strengths, qualities and uniqueness.

This award winning programme uses a unique seven-step holistic method to take children from high energy and stress levels to a state of relaxation. This is a physical and mental process involving physical activity, stretching, positive touch, deep breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques.  This supports children’s emotional health and wellbeing. Please go to the 'Benefits of Relax Kids' page to learn more.

We are happy to talk about the services we can provide to your family, 1-1, classes or school groups


The benefits of Relax Kids

 Group Classes, School Groups, Family Support, 1-1 sessions

Little Stars - Age 5 and under

Relax Kids - Age 5-9 years

Chill Skills - Age 10-16 years

Just Relax 16 years plus