A big thank you for everything you have done to help my daughter cope with big emotions and learn how she can be calm and relaxed.

Having these sessions with you in her first few weeks of joining a new school have helped her settle in without any hitches and she's really enjoying herself. She is such a different little person from the anxious and stressed out one at the end of the last school year.

With your help and our support, she's had a safe space with you to develop and grow. She even shares what she's learnt with us and her friends so what she's learnt has made an impact.

Thank you once again! 

"We got in touch with Lorraine after hearing a positive word-of-mouth review of her practice. We're so happy that we did. Lorraine has been amazing at talking with our 11-year-old daughter at her level. She's not only given her an education about  anxiety but worked with her to manage her emotions with grounding techniques and positive mindset exercises. Our daughter has used quite a few of them already and has found the process very helpful and reassuring.

Lorraine has provided a secure and nurturing landscape for our daughter to explore her feelings. She told us how learning about anxiety has made her less scared about it and more confident in managing her emotions. Life can be unpredictable and the best we can do is ensure our beautiful young people feel empowered in the process. Lorraine is ALL about that and she walks her talk in putting the child at the centre of her practice. Our daughter has loved her sessions and says she feels safe with Lorraine. We are so grateful. THANK YOU."  

I was recommended Lorraine by numerous people after trying to find the right help for my 13 year old son. He had been struggling with anxiety and breathing problems in the 3rd lockdown, which got a lot worse when he had to go back to school in March of this year.


He took some convincing to see someone after not connecting with another therapist, but within 10 minutes of sitting with Lorraine she had him engaged. She began by talking to him about how brains work in such a simple yet brilliant way that we still use this analogy most days when he feels his worries escalating. 


And after getting to know what in particular fed his anxiety she made the sessions very personal to him and gave him invaluable tools to help him through difficult days, of which there were many!


After 4 sessions he began noticing his breathing was more regulated, he was catastrophising less and was less emotional. He's much more settled now and on worrisome days, which he knows are normal, he has a wonderful workbook to dip into and remind him he has the tools to cope. Thank you Lorraine, we are so very grateful for your help. 

Children's Voices 

“ I highly recommend!! My daughter loves Relax Kids so much. She said Lorraine is very kind and nice to her. She has enjoyed every session. Thank you so much Lorraine. ” 

"I love Relax Kids" "

 I wish it was a Relax Kids day every day!"  

"It is my favourite day of the week" 

"I want Relax Kids to last all day long!"

Review of Classes from Teachers

 "The children loved having Lorraine from Relax Kids in school.  They learnt so much."  

"The staff would like classes for themselves!"

"Let's have Lorraine in for the children every day!"

"As a teacher, I have learnt so much from the sessions that Lorraine has run in our school".